Atrash started when I needed to produce content for my own career: Music videoclips, content for social media and more... At the time, for lack of proper budgets, I had to step up and do everything myself. I was the producer, the director, the editor. As I became more experienced I started finding the right professional partners to work with, who helped me achieve even better results.

I went through an intensive learning curve in a very short time, which lead me to develop a method for tackling music and video production.

Today, together with my partners, we can offer a one stop solution for audio and video productions, starting from the creative idea, all the way to a finished professional product. 

You don't have to battle it alone. Talk to us, and hopefully, we'll create some cool stuff together :-)

Mira Awad


Professional music videos. 

To accommodate the message of the song, the artistic intention, and of course: The available budget.

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Music Videos 

Your existence on social media can be upgraded with quality content. Let us help you find your voice and style.

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Social Media

You advocate for something important, and we totally dig that!

We think we can help come up with ideas to forward your message. Starting with the creative idea, ending with the execution of it...

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We are passionate about music, and can help with your musical production.

Among us, we write lyrics, we compose, we arrange, produce, record, mix and master.

AND if you're new to the music industry, we'd love to mentor you by sharing our experience in how to handle an album production and/or release. 

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